Judge L.Girault       To people reading about L. Girault    
     This is the judge that knew that the crown and police statements were false and allow it to continue. On Jan.3 1995, I was charged with 3 counts of publishing false documents, against crown Andre Berzins, a law firm (Barnes, Simmon, Naftel), Judge J. McDonald. I knew they would not go to court and they were withholding evidence and not giving full disclosures. So every time I went to court, I would make a big production in front of everyone in the courtroom to embarrass them about withholding evidence calling them a bunch of corrupt people for withholding evidence, people were laughing at them. I had them, I knew their weakness and how to use them against them. On Feb 15 1995 (see Feb 15 transcript) I had court, (from Jan 3 charges I had two bail conditions (1) not to attend the courthouse unless for scheduled court appearance (2) not to bother Crown Andre Berzins.) I was waiting for my name to be called in the courtroom and I had to go to the washroom. On the way to the washroom, I ran into a corrupt cop named Roy Burton that worked at the courthouse. Roy Burton had tried to muscle me for Judge McDonald and the law firm ( Barnes, Sommon, Naftel) before Jan 3 1995. I had filed a complaint about him but the investigator was a corrupt cop (John Lowell) and he fixed complaint. Roy Burton was also the cop that arrested me on Jan 3 1995 and assaulted me that day (Jan 3). Roy Burton knew that I had a condition not to be at courthouse unless for a scheduled court appearance (In Feb 15 report he states this), when I came back from the washroom, I was met at the courtroom 5 door by court security .I grabbed for the door handle and over the cops radio a message came (he is now entering courtroom 5), heard I was under surveillance. I went into the courtroom and a little while later my name was called for court. As you see by the transcripts I was embarrassing them again and the charges were dropped. When you read the Feb 15 1995 transcript you will see that I was swearing a lot at the end, I was surrounded by court security. I left the courtroom and went to the third floor to a corrupt crown’s office (Peter Griffiths see crown section about this criminal). Office worker called security. After this my friend and I went (with security following and harassing me) to the second floor ordered transcript, then went to crown’s office on second floor to find name of Peter Griffiths boss (Michael Coate).Coate works for a corrupt politician (one that covers up) by the name  M.M.P. Bob Runciman P.C. My friend and I then went to security office to get report to prove that I made appointment with Peter Griffiths.    
 I walk into security office asked for report and then laugh at Roy Burton. Roy Burton and five security officers then jumped me beat and tortured me for 20 minutes in office then took me to a back staircase. Roy beat me more when I was handcuffed and held by security officer. When I entered the cellblock, two security officers were running to help Roy Burton, when they seen me, they stopped in front of me. They gently took me to a single cell (they were frightened that I would die), minutes later I was handcuffed again, put in police car and taken to hospital. On the way to hospital and at hospital I was abused again. The officer was one of the officers that had beat and tortured me. On Feb 16 1995, I was in courthouse cellblock (being abused again by guards) I was asked if I wanted a lawyer, I said I cannot find one, then someone yelled get Bruce Simpson, so I got Bruce Simpson. I talked to Bruce Simpson before court and told him that I had court on Feb 15 and that the charges had been dropped .I told him that when I was in court on Feb 15 that court security had me under surveillance when the charges were dropped they were in the courtroom and that they were lying when they said that I didn’t have a

scheduled court appearance. I also told him that the charges dropped were three charges of printing defamatory liable known to be false against Ottawa top crown Andre Berzins, Judge J.McDonald and a law firm Barnes ,Sammon, Naftel. Please note Bruce Simpson works for Barnes, Sammon, Naftel and he forgot to tell me that. Bruce Simpson has been a criminal lawyer for over 20 years in Ottawa in 1995.The court security, the crowns, the judges and the police know him and Bruce Simpson knows them. Ottawa has a small number of criminal lawyers. Jesus says about lawyers in bible,"Beware of the ways of lawyers they pretend to be good when they aren’t,” To lawyers Jesus says, “For you hide the truth from the people. You won’t accept it for yourselves, and you prevent others from having a chance to believe it ” and also says “Men go by you with no knowledge of the corruption they are passing.” (There are three lawyers in courtroom Bruce Simpson, Crown Doody and Judge Girault) I also told Bruce Simpson that I was jumped by 6 police officers then beaten and tortured, they assaulted me, not I attacked them.    In God’s great wisdom, He picked Judge Girault (Feb. 15 judge) to be the judge on Feb16 1995. (See Feb 16 transcript- bottom of Pg. 12) Transcript shows Bruce Simpson talked to police (Roy Burton) after he talked to me. I was charged with assault against Roy Burton (cop that muscled me for Barnes, Sammon, Naftel) and breaking condition of not be at courthouse unless for a scheduled court appearance. If you look at Feb 16 Transcript Page 1, they want me to see their doctor; this is to destroy my credibility. Feb 16 pg. 1 bottom and PG 2 top Judge Girault statement. This statement shows this, that she stopped the crown from giving evidence before he gave evidence. She knew that the crowns and police statements were false and began to correct that. She is interrupted by the court clerk who says it was remanded.  (See pg. 6 Judge Girault statement) She says I am aware that those charges were withdrawn. This statement shows that she knew the court clerk was lying when he made this statement. Bruce Simpson on pg. 2 bottom states to stop me talking “she cannot deal with it.” By this time the seed of deceit that was planted in her courtroom and had been fertilized by her friendship with the people involved, had grown into a forest of deceit and Judge Girault was now lost in the forest of deceit. Judge Girault knew Bruce Simpson worked for Barnes, Sammon, Naftel, she knew that court clerk was making false statement, she knew that the police statements were false, she knew that the crowns evidence was false, she knew that from the day before that I asked in her court for criminal charges be laid against the Ottawa crowns that handle the case (crown Berzens and Griffiths) and that they were saying that I still had charges from Berzins and that this put crown Doody in conflict with prosecute guide to insure a fair hearing, she knew that by the looks of me (one whole side of my face bruised and swollen with cuts and scrape on my face and that I was slumped in the court  and that I was not aggressively defending myself as usually did in court) ,that my injuries were impairing me to defend myself, she knew that she was a witness Feb 15 1995 and  she was a witness to the criminal acts that done in her courtroom on Feb 16 1995 and that she could not and should not sit on this, she knew that the court security that was handling me in court and in the basement behind closed doors, had lied in their statements and had been caught lying and had caused the injuries that I had and this caused my safety to be in jeopardy, she knew that Bruce Simpson conflict had undermined my guaranteed Charter of rights to a fair trial, she knew that the working relationships and friendships of the people at the courthouse with the people involved in this case had caused criminal acts to be committed in front of her

in her courtroom had undermined my guaranteed Charter of rights to a fair trial, she knew that her friendship and working relationships with the people at the courthouse had caused her to destroy her own impartiality as a judge and to go along with the criminal acts making her a willing part of this criminal acts ( trial fixing, cover up and many more crimes committed that day) Please note that Marshall Royal Commission found he was the victim a police conspiracy covered up by other officials who were loathe (disliked) to admit the justice system had broken down. The friendships and brotherhood of the people in the justice system, job security, job advancement and money cause the break down. Their lack of trust in God (THE TRUTH). Jesus said, “I am the TRUTH and I am the WAY” also “If you follow ME that you will be prosecuted in my name”. Jesus said to lawyers “For how you love the seat of honor in the synagogues (meeting place or court) and the respectful greetings from everyone as you walk through the markets”. Judge Girault knew that if she spoke the truth now that she would lose you judge job and that she would be publicly known as a corrupt judge and Bruce Simpson knew this. On pg 3 of Feb 16 transcript you will see that the case was stood down, when they came back the Judge stated that she consulted one of her colleagues, the reason why she consulted her colleagues was for the conflict of interest and she mentions it in her statement, she says that she was not sure whether I should sit on this or not (this is her conflict) then she says I am not sure what your position is but you did not see any problem with it so (if you look on  bottom of page 2 Bruce told me she could not deal with it.  )  What the Judge is talking about is the conflict of interest Bruce Simpson working for Barnes,Sammon & Naftel.  The Judge knew the police and crown knew that I have criminal charges from Bruce Simpson’s law firm.  Bruce knew the Judge had let this gone on too long and he states about his conflict “if your worship does not see a problem I’m not sure I do either”.  If the conflict came out now the Judge was in trouble.  But Bruce Simpson could have just said I didn’t know, and the Judge would be the only one getting into trouble.  In her next statement “ If you can take proper instruction from him, this is not a question about me giving proper instructions, this is a question of his ability of taking proper instructions.  “  Then she says and you feel that you can do that?  She knows that Bruce’s conflict undermines my guarantee Charter of Rights to a fair trail.  She allows it to continue knowing its wrong.  Bruce then gives testimony against me, to strengthen the Crown’s case.  The Judge knows that this goes against my wishes, and states that he is not willing to see a doctor, then states if you are capable of taking proper instructions from your client, she knows that he cannot, I then said what doctor. She knows that Bruce has not told me what was going on.  She witnesses Bruce saying I will talk to you later just take a sit.  Bruce has cut me off again.  She knows that Bruce is railroading me.  She allows the evidence to be given and the police state that the incident started on the 3rd floor.  If you turn back to page 2 the Judge was talking about courtroom #5 and she states that “this where I believe the incident started”.  She knows that the police are lying again.  If you look Feb 15 transcript, page 2, a confrontation between Officer Bertrand and I, she witnessed Mr. Bertrand move towards me, and I said, “ If you push me I’ll hit you. “ The judge was at a vantage point to see the whole courtroom and she seen the court security that had me under surveillance sneak up behind me.  And when I turned to leave I told them to fuck off, fuck you, you cocksucker, she witnessed almost a brawl with the two-court security that came up behind me.  She knew full well that they knew I had court that day (security). 

On page 5
, it mentions Constable Burton who was a senior court security in charge of the men behind me and that he would have known of this confrontation, which she would have known.    It states Constable Burton having previous knowledge of the accused knowing that he was not to be inside 161 Elgin Street informed the accused he was under arrest.  She knew that Officer Burton from the time on the 3rd floor  - 15-20 minutes later to the time I was arrested that he had all the time in the world to check if I had court that day.  He did not have to check because he knew I had court that day as they had kept me under surveillance.  The Judge knew at page 5 at the bottom that this undertaking and the condition of not to be in the court house unless for scheduled appearance was not true.  According to the officers no proof that the accused was present for a court appearance, she knows this is a lie, and that the officer’s best defense was they forgot to look to see if I had court that day. Judge Girault doesn’t stop this here knowing that it’s false.  She hears the opinion of the investigating officer Paul Rochon that the accused would benefit from seeing a psychiatrist she knew that this statement came from a police officer that was probably lying and that at best was a lazy police officer that did not do his job and check.  She does not stop it here either she allows them to state that the accused is presently before the courts. And that is for he is charged with printing defamatory liable statements knowing that they are false, she stops them there and says “ well yes “ she knows that she just lied and she says “ perhaps “, if she would have allowed the police officer to continue reading, the police officer would have said against Barnes, Sammon & Naftel, she panicked and lied.  Bruce then says that was dealt with, we already talked about it in court, she knew.  She started to say something else and I stopped her and yelled this is retarded.  Then she agreed with me and gave evidence that she had lied when she said “well yes” and that she was aware the charges were withdrawn.  This statement also shows that she knew that the court clerk had given false testimony on page 2, “it was remanded”.  On page 7 she states it should be pretty easy for someone to call to the courts clerk office and verify those facts.  She knew how easy it was for the crown attorneys, all the police officers to get this information and they did not.  She allows this case to continue knowing she lied. From here on and for years later the crown, used this Judge Girault against me, she had destroy her impartiality, the crown office used her, like a pimp would use a drug addicted prostitute, she sold herself so many times that she became comfortable with it (as you will see). She had become just like a prostitute selling herself and her pimp was Andre Berzins. Judge Girault pay was, her seat of honor, her respectful greetings in society, her pay cheque and to keep her possessions and her freedom from jail. On Pg.8 the crown Doody, Bruce Simpson and Judge Girault are all state that the cop that arrested me, was acting in good faith when he arrested me. They all knew police at best they did not look to see if I had court that day. I told Bruce that I been under surveillance in the courtroom that and that the police were lying. Judge Girault witnessed a confrontation with 3-court security plus 1 police officer on that day in the courtroom. Seven police officers and 2 crowns all forgot to check if I had court and they say that they acted in good faith. Pg 10 crown Doody states that he went to see Berzins on what to do.
(1)    Doody must have told Berzins that I had court Feb 15 and that I was wrongfully arrested.

(2)    Peter Griffiths handled Jan 3 charges because prosecution guide that protected my rights to a fair trail forced Berzins not to be involved. (Berzins did work this case all the time but he denied he did years later on)
These two points are very important later. As you see on Pg. 13 of transcript of Feb 16 1995 I have three conditions placed on me
(1)    Keep the peace and be of good behavior
(2)    See Doctor Sweet (Sweet say that police are conspiring and that a movie should be made.)
(3)    Not to attend the courthouse unless for a scheduled court appearances
Note there is no condition to not to go near Berzins.   So I get out and see Bruce Simpson a few days later. I tell Bruce that I want him to start a lawsuit against Barnes, Sammon, Naftel for 100 million dollars to let them know that I am going to bankrupt them and have them put in jail, also to get transcript of radio transmission of court security on Feb 15. I appear in court later and Bruce was not at court. When my name was called a lawyer stopped me by the name David Hughes and told me that he worked with Bruce Simpson and do not worry about going forward that other lawyer (a big woman that looked like could have been a man at one time) would take care of it from their firm. David Hughes went on to say that do not worry we are going to take you and to see Bruce in a few days. The way David Hughes was acting I knew something was up. So I went to the appointment but I forgot what floor he was on, so I looked on the board in the lobby and that was when I learned Bruce Simpson worked for Barnes, Sammon, Naftel .I laughed then went up to see him and told him to start that 100 million dollar lawsuit against Barnes, Sammon, Naftel and that we are going to destroy the law firm, plus get the radio transmissions. (Jesus said, “When the hypocristes come against you, God will make you laugh and shout for joy”) On this day it was hard not to laugh in his face and keep a straight face. I went to court a week later and the crown was still saying that I did not have court that day (Feb 15) .I confronted Bruce Simpson with the conflict of interest in court, it caught him off guard, he asked to be removed from the case and then said that he did not know of any conflict of interest then left quickly. (See transcript March 10 1995 before Judge Girault) She knew that Bruce Simpson was lying about the not knowing about any conflict. The case was remanded for two weeks, the next time in court a ex Ottawa cop by the name of Potts sat in front of my friend and I in court (He lived in my neighoud and works for Special Investigation Unit investigating police, one of the top investigators in the country) and hunts with the Ottawa police swat team all the time. He was sitting in front of us and listening to our conversation, so I told a story about his son that he knew and about how I had protected his son from some people. Then I started to feed him information about where to look to proof that the police and crown were lying by talking to my friend. (There is more about him, he covered up). The judge that day was Judge Girault, I laugh when I found this out. When they called my name and I told my friend watch this. Judge Girault knew that I had found out about Bruce Simpson, I laid right into the police and crown (loud enough so that anybody could hear it in the courtroom with no problem) about how corrupt the police and crown where and how she knew that they where lying and withholding evidence. Judge Girault did not know what to do, she knew I was speaking the truth, I went on for a few minutes embarrassing them, people in the courtroom where laughing at them. Then all of a sudden the side door of the courtroom opened in came court security, some of

them that had made false statements and had beaten me, they began to rush me.  I yelled woe (and raised my hand) and turn to the judge and said what’s this bull shit and started to laugh. She told them to stop and sit down.(I was laughing right in their face.)    April 21 1995 I am in court with Judge Girault again   Pg.1 of April 21/95 transcript shows the clerk of the court say "321,322" meaning (2 charges) So I am there for two charges, remember this. First thing I say is that I’ve made numerous requests for disclosure and that they were withholding information (see  Mar. 4th Request 1 and see  Apr. 7th  Request 2)  for the information that they are withholding that I had court Feb 15 1995 and that the charges were dropped. I talk about the charges are dropped she says that’s right. Judge Girault knew that they were withholding that the charges were dropped and that I could not possibly be charged with breaking condition, she had already told them on Feb 16 1995 that I had no conditions. I spoke about crown Berzin, she knew I had charges from accusing Berzin’s of fixing trials, she dropped the charge. Judge Girault knew Berzin’s office was withholding this information. She also knew that Berzin’s office was charging me with breaking conditions, I did not have. She knew Berzin’s office was handling the case, Crown Muller worked for Berzin’s, he was her boss and that this was against prosecutorial guidelines that are there to protect my constitutional rights to a fair trial. That is why she asked has someone reviewed that to see if they going to proceed with it or not. (top of Pg.2) I said that they are still going on. (This is when Judge Girault covered her micropnhone with her hand and said,  "I was the Judge that dropped the charges, he had no conditions, and you cannot do what you are doing". The crown said that they are proceeding with it. The judge then said, "You got to be kidding".  She then let go of the microphone.  Judge Girault did this on two or three occasions.  (bottom of Pg.3) Judge Girault twice says that I am only facing assault charges, not true. (bottom of Pg. 4) I confront her on her knowing Simpson’s conflict of interest plus her’s and her knowing that they are lying and withholding information.(bottom of pg. 5) I am accusing her of fixing trails and looking the other way. Judge Girault is now getting more comfortable with going along with them lying and withholding information. Just like a hooker gets more use to doing tricks. I protest again Crown Andre Berzins for him and his friends fixing trails at Berzin’s house by throwing flyers down his whole streets. Four days in a row they did nothing, on the fifth day I was arrested for breaking condition of not to go near Berzins. The reason that they waited 5 days to arrest me was because I was legally aloud to protest Berzins; they lied about having conditions to stay away from Berzins. They had to stop me because it was to embarrassing to Berzins and the police. I appeared before Judge Girault, she knew that I no longer had this condition and that they were lying and withholding information again. She sent me back to jail, I said in court she was fixing again. The crown (Berzin’s office) picked my lawyer (Ross Steward) and I could not fire him. I was sent to the hospital and the doctors (See DOCTORS PAGE.)  We’re not given all the information (that Feb15 that I had court and the charges were dropped) and they found me insane by police and crowns statements. (They would not pick up the phone and call court information to see if I had court that day.) Five months later, when I got out of the hospital I showed Doctor Bradford the transcripts of Feb15, 1995 court date. A Medical Board placed conditions on me. Dr. Bradford and other doctors would not come clean. So I broke the medical boards conditions, it took months of breaking these condition before I was arrested. I appeared before Judge Girault, I told her that they withhold the information and that I was found insane for breaking those conditions that she had told them that I did not have. She was comfortable with covering up by now and see sent me back to the hospital. There Dr. Bradford tried to cover up by injecting me with drugs to hinder my ability to defend myself and to try to break my will to defend myself. He also made false reports. I was later (5 months) released, at that time I was found wrongfully convicted and promised a criminal investigation into police crowns and doctors by Crown Ron Laliberte. The crown lied and covered up. Years later I was protesting and got arrested, I appeared before Judge Girault and she gave me bail. This time I did not sign the papers in the basement of the courthouse but in the courtroom. There was the Judge Girault, 1 other person and myself, and she said this to me, now you know who has the power. This is the last time I believe that I seen her.    

   To Judge Girault:   Can you and all the lawyers in the world with all your power together, stop the wind? The One that backs me can. Have you or anyone of your friends seen someone set up all the lawyers, before like I did? It has happened before. (Jesus said to lawyers, God’s great wisdom He will send prophets some will be prosecuted and some will be killed so that the blood of all the prophets will be charged against this generation.) I used God’s description of lawyers to break the system and you lawyers are exactly how Jesus said you were greedy, wicked, hypocrites and fools. Do you know of any lawyers that are going to fight to prove that lawyers are greedy, wicked, hypocrites, fools and that they abuse children’s rights, in danger children’s lives and that the law society should not police lawyers and that there should be an independent body (not lawyers) policing them. I would like to thank you and your friends for giving me the proof, I could barely believe how stupid you and your friends were, it had to be an act of God. (It was amazing) I believe that some of you lawyers are, that foolish that you will continue to try to cover up. Jesus said hypocrites are like yeast in dough it keeps raising. Miss Girault, your not going to be a lawyer soon, and your going to lose everything you own. The Question is, are you going to jail or not? When Dr. Bradford injected me with drugs to hinder my defense that made you and your friends guilty of a crime that the punishment is life in prison. Surrender, the Truth shall set you free, promptly admit your wrongs and make restitution. It is a journey that you will not forget.  God bless,

Dave Roberts