Kimberly Moore;
               To the people reading about Kimberly Moore.  She is a Crown Attorney that works out of the Perth area. I first heard of her, when I had a complaint in the year 2002.It was a domestic dispute that a woman broke down a bathroom door, to get at a man that was running from the woman. Moore prosecuted this man.  He was found guilty, even the police were on this man’s side.  I went to his appeal, and witnessed the Crown Attorney making up stuff, to try to keep the conviction upheld.  The judge was laughing at her, along with myself, on how ridiculous her statements were, on numerous occasions.  The man’s best witness was the Crown Attorneys’ statement in court (The sword of the wicked shall bend).  She viciously prosecuted him.  Her own conduct showed, that she did not even believe herself, that the man should be convicted.  She was a complete joke in the courtroom.  The judge said he would never have convicted in this case. When the man was originally convicted, the Crown made a statement that she had suppressed evidence in the case, which is a complete NO NO!  It violated Prosecutor guidelines, which are in place to protect the constitutional rights of the accused for a fair trial. Years later, I placed advertisement in the newspaper, and received a call from a woman pleading for help for a man that was being viciously prosecuted, by Kimberly Moore.  There were a large number of people that were willing to come forward, and did, to give evidence for this man, and evidence against Kimberly Moore concerning her conduct.  I investigated and immediately found that Kimberly Moores’ conduct was again vicious and criminal.  I investigated the people involved, against this man, the so-called victims, some which had substance abuse problems, and that they had many complaints against other men before this.  Some of their stories made no sense and contradicted themselves.  Their own statements destroyed their credibility.  It is ridiculous that this case continued.   This man accused of the crimes was well known to the media, police, and judges, and crown attorneys.  He is known throughout the country.  He started a man’s group, and has done talk shows, that have embarrassed judges, and legal officials in his area. He has had run in with a judge that has gained him notoriety.  Kimberly Moore is also an acquaintance with this judge, which puts Kimberly Moore in conflict of interest again.  The judge involved in this case, I believe, is also in conflict, because of his working friendship with the other judge.  In my case, this has already been ruled, as a violation of my constitutional right to a fair trial, so his rights must have been violated as well.  One judge is from the Perth area, has removed, or refuses, to participate in this trial because of this conflict of interest.  Kimberly Moore is very aware of this, yet continues to prosecute this person.  When I appeared in court, I was able to review evidence that clearly was falsified in my opinion, by a probation officer, by the name of Louise Clermont.  Many people complained about her report and her conduct.  This report was filed two days before sentencing, over the Holiday season, not allowing his lawyer or himself time to reply, which is a clear violation of guidelines and his constitutional right.  Kimberly Moore demanded from the judge, that sentencing and jail time be given immediately.  The Honorable Mr. Justice Lalonde, refused her request, and pointed out, how ridiculous her request was.  This did not stop her.  She gave an excuse that her crown attorney days, would end in a week and it would not be fair, to the crown attorney that took the case to review the six-year case.  Her statement clearly indicates, that a further delay would violate the man’s constitutional rights to a speedy trial, (which is eight months), and also would violate his right to a fair trial.  She stated that it was unfair to the so-called victims.  The judge adjourned.   When the adjournment was going on, I overheard her speaking to the so-called victims about continuing the trial, and heard her state to them “Don’t desert me, I wouldn’t desert you”.  These victims are emotionally unstable and are very vulnerable to suggestions.  From what I observed, they wanted it over that day.  The defense lawyer had made statements about the truth of their statements.  Kimberly Moore has no regard for these women’s well being, or any concern for their psychological well being.  Kimberly Moore is only concerned about the repercussions, from what I believe to be her criminal acts.  Her case has totally crumbled. This woman did not stop there,  the judge had limited the man’s access to his child in the last 3 month but knows the importance of access for child and man. When the judge learned that the child was not seeing the man, he immediately re-instated access to the child knowing that access was the child’s right. Kimberly Moore and his ex wife made statements that he would flee with child if giving access. The judge knew this was not the truth and that Kimberly Moore and his ex-wife were willing to use the child to try to abuse the man, and in doing so had no concern about the child’s feelings or rights. This is why this man started the men’s group to protect children’s and others rights against these false accusations made by women and their lawyers.  This man stood for men and children and took stands that put him in jail over night, for voicing his opinion.  It is my opinion that the rightesnous of this man over shadowed all in the courtroom including the judge.  I have no doubt that one day that this man will be given an Order of Canada, for his work of bettering this country and protecting the children.   If these facts written in this letter were made public, this case would be thrown out, and she would be facing a lawsuit.  Kimberly Moore is corrupt.  I have no doubt of that.  She should be jailed.  I know that her boss, James Stewart, will look the other way, at her conduct, as he has in the past, with crown attorneys, that were accused of criminal acts by Judge Cosgrove in the Elliot case.  If you have any more information on this woman or if you wish to get involved with our organization, please contact us.
A biblical verse to think about Jesus said, “You give to charity, and yet disregard justice, and the love of God, but these are the things you should have done without neglecting the others”. Luke 11:42       Please do not forget about justice, and the love of God.         

Dave Roberts