How simple it is to cause a break down in the justice system in Canada

How simple Is it to cause a break down in the justice system in Canada?

First you have to understand a little about justice. Our country is a democracy, so the justice has to look fair and accessible to everyone. Canadian Justice Department states that roughly half of their staff is lawyers. When you go to court, the first thing they do is ask if your getting a lawyer or not, or appoint you a lawyer. Try to get someone at the crown's office to help you file or help to fill out paper work, they will tell you to get a lawyer. When you get to court, you get to plea your case to a judge (a man/woman that is a lawyer). When you file under the mercy act (section 690) the Justice Minister says yes or no and he/she is a lawyer (Can you imagine asking for mercy, when you did nothing wrong). Lawyers run the justice system. Then to cause a break down you must learn about lawyers. Lawyers love words like prestigious law firm, your honor or honorable connected to them. This is a sign of pride. That is one of the tools you use against lawyers. (Pride before destruction) In the Bible, Jesus describes lawyers like this," you wash the outside, but inside the you are still dirty--, full of greed and wickedness!" And calls them "Fools". Jesus also says, "they love the seats of honor and the respectful greetings from everyone as you walk through the markets." Jesus also said "men go by you with no knowledge of the corruption they are passing" Jesus also said that lawyers are hypocrites and warns people "beware they pretend to be good when they aren't". This is a perfect description of a lawyer, this is the truth. So lawyers are greedy, wicked, hypocrites, fools and have pride. There are two more things that help you cause a break down in the justice system. These things are the police blue wall (cops protect and cover for cops) and the old boys club (lawyers protect lawyers). These two things are the things that they think that protect them, when in fact it is the thing that does the most damage. It is the thing that helps shows people how corrupt the system is from top to bottom. Lawyers and police think that they can get away with anything and that it is a game but when you go up against them, tell them that they are going to jail and your going to sue them for everything they got. Play on their fears; lawyers and cops are hated because of their lying and cons by people in jail. I have found that selling police and lawyer's false statements in newspapers with proof is a great way to fill them with terror. (If you can print their names and tell them that they are going be to sue and going to jail) If their statements are false and you have proof then there is not a thing they can do. They will put pressure on the newspaper to stop this but remember you have a right and obligation to your fellow countrymen and country to stand against corruption. (Remember how many peoples life's have been hurt and their children, yes always think of the children, this will give you courage to go on too the end.) Selling police and crown false statement with proof in front of the police station for a week or two is a great way to show how they cover up for one another. (On your sign make a statement to chief of police on covering up, like cover up this and DO NOT do this alone, go with a number of people, police WILL beat you and torture you) I have found that selling police, crown and other false statement in front of courthouse is a great way to rattle the crown attorneys and police. (When the lying crowns are doing a murder trial with juries, have a discount like 10 cents for juries) I was arrested in about an hour. (Charges withdrawn 8 months later) also remember you are entitled to damages if you do get arrested, sue them, easy way to make money and help people. (Remember these false statements do not have to be against you, they can be against me, so have fun) Another good place is Parliament Hill and the Attorney General office of Canada on Wellington Street. (Ann McLellan office did not like that, RCMP will be use to try to scare you off, they run away when you stand up to them, tell them to go ahead arrest me, they do not want to go to court.) REMEMBER YOU ARE DEALING WITH PEOPLE THAT ARE EMOTIONALLY RETARTED AND THEY CAN BECOME SUICIDAL, FROM NOT BEING ABLE TO HANDLE THE EMOSTIONAL STRESS (THEY HAVE CHILDREN AND LOVE ONES TOO) One of the most effected way of protesting is to protest crown attorneys at their homes. Abortion activist use to do this to doctors, government stopped this because abortion is not legal but crowns making false statement and withholding evidence is illegal. When crowns falsify evidence or withhold evidence and police swat team invades your home, the crown and police are terrorizing your family. Canadian government turns their head and looks the other way when police and crowns are terrorizing citizens. They are no difference from a Dictatorship government; just they do not do it as much and hide it better. With this information anyone can cause a break down in the justice system. If you do get arrested bring your protest sign to court and place them so that everyone in the courtroom can read them and offer free copies of their false statements to everyone in the courtroom and take an ad the in the newspaper inviting the public to come and witness a trial fix. When you are sitting in a room full of people (citizens and friends) and everyone is laughing at them out loud and one of them is shouting, "Stop laughing at me, stop laughing at me" and all this is doing is making everyone laugh harder and louder. It is times like these that you know that God is watching. (The bible said" When the hypocrites come against you, God will make you laugh and shout for joy"). 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