To people reading about Gerry White Gerry and I belong to an association. Members of this association would tell me that I should get Gerry that he is not like the other lawyers; he would not sell me out. Some members knew of my case and how simple it was to prove that the police crown and doctors where lying in their statements. I told them that he was no difference then the other lawyers, but they would say no, he is a member. I would tell them he is no difference then the other lawyers and say the bible verse” woe to lawyers. For you way men down with burdens hard to bare and will not lift a finger to help. I would tell them that he is a hypocrite like Jesus says in the Bible, beware lawyers are hypocrites. The association has a Responsibly pray that he is to give a helping hand. I use to hold his hand at the meeting and say the Responsibility pledge and knew this guy was selling me out. I picked Gerry for one reason to show other members that the Bible was right. One time I was in court with Gerry and some member were in court with me for support and one went to confront Gerry. Gerry would just keep turning his back on her, when she would call his name and try to stand in front of him, he would turn his back to her, over and over. This was so funny to watch, God it was funny, Gerry looked like one of those ducks in a shooting range game that would turn each time it was shoot, the only difference was the bullets was his name. They came to believe that the Bible was right ,Gerry was a hypocrite. New members with legal problems were sold out by Gerry, many told me. One wanted to get Gerry back and I talked him out of it. I told him that when the truth gets out about what happen to me , the truth would revenge better then he could. To Gerry The God of intelligent has replaced the God of Job for you lawyers. Are you getting the message yet? You lawyers are so smart. Did you lawyers ever think that you guys were being set up? (Think, think, think) Step 3 turned our lives over to the care of God, as we understood Him. Him, (Daddy), The God of Job, The One that has ALL power has promised to be with me in trouble, to deliver me and honor me, How are you lawyers going to stop this? You lawyers think that you can beat God. Gerry, (think) step 2,you lawyers are insane and funny. A Bible verse for you Gerry, (“do not worry about the man that can kill you, for that is all he can do, worry about the man that kills you and has the authority to cast you into hell. (Daddy) Step 10 (when we were wrong promptly admitted it) if not you will go to jail and I will take every thing you own. To show me that you have surrender, that you are willing to make restitution and to stop my suffering. Be a power of example for the other lawyers and members, down load police, crown and doctors false statements with proof, copy them, make a sign up telling how you cover up for them and stand out side the courthouse and pass out copies of their false statements. Maybe you can ask some members to come with you. You never know, the word may get around the association and thousands of members may so up to show support for you at the courthouse, miracles happen. TO MEMBERS When you see Gerry at the meetings encourage him to make his amends and if you want you can download their false statements start protesting at the court before Gerry starts. Remember that Gerry and I need a hand.
- Dave Roberts