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About donations Money is nice but your time is by far more important and valuable. Jesus said about ways of lawyers “For though you are careful to tithe (give 1/10) even the smallest part of your income, you completely forget about justice and the love of God. You should tithe, yes, but you should not leave other things undone”. For the love of God, stand up for what is right and justice. Being a wrongfully convicted is a nightmare. It is so terror able that you would not wish it on your worst enemy, if you had been through it. It is even more horror able when you have the proof that you are innocent and the lawyers are covering up. The mental torture can be unbearable. Jesus said to lawyers, ”woe to lawyers, For you weigh men down with burdens impossible to bear, and won’t lift a finger to carry the burden.” I use to sell in the newspaper for years, police, crown and others false statement. I thought that this would end their hypocrisy. Jesus said ”Beware of the ways of lawyers, they pretend to be good when they aren’t. But such hypocrisy cannot be hidden forever. It will become as evident as yeast in dough. I sold police, crown and others false statements in front of police station, at front door of courthouse, inside the courthouse and right in the courtroom. Their hypocrisy rose to unbelievable corruption and cover up. The Marshall Royal Commission found that “when police conspire others officials loathe to admit the system has broken down” What happens is that when they learn that the police have lie, they lie in their reports. When police fabricate evidence against innocence people and other officials fabricate their reports to cover, the officials and police should be jailed. The Law Society is a lawyers’ investaging lawyer, the police complaint system police investaging police. There must be an independent body investaging police and lawyers. That is why your time is of more valuable then your money (but a little money is needed). The lawyers and the police are not going to fight for these changes. We have too fight for this, e-mail, call, write, visit, newspapers, radio shows, TV shows, M.P.s, politician’s police departments, crown attorneys offices and others. The Ottawa police and the people that committed these crimes protest them at their work and homes, get your friends involved. Boycott the law firms and others that cover up. Let them know that, O Canada We stand on guard for thee, is something that we do not just sing and we are willing to back it up with our lives, like so many have done before us. Get your church involved, Jesus said” but such hypocrisy cannot be hidden forever” Get protesting like abortion protesters did at doctor’s homes, give them no rest or place to hide. Remember abortion is legal, that is why it is harassment to protest at doctors homes, but falsifying evidence, withholding evidence, fixing police complaints and when doing these things then send in police swat teams into your home also beating and torturing by courthouse guards. This is terrorizing, this is human rights abuse. The people of Ottawa are a money-giving people; they do not do justice (they cover up injustice) For years I sold police, crown and others false statements (with proof) in the newspapers. The media in Ottawa is a joke they do not want to tell the truth about the Ottawa police and how people in this town covered they could loose customers or police contacts. (News stories) Download police and others false statements with proof then protest Ottawa media. (Lowell Green or the new R.O.) Go to the Speakers corner and speak up, go to the station and sell police and others false statements with proof. They will probably have you arrested to cover up. (If they do sue them big time, easy money) To people working at CHUM, complain, to actors, musicians, union people, advertisers boycott them, boycott their advertisers. Shut them down. Lowell Green did a talk show that slandered me and they refuse to right their wrongs, call him and talk about police and others false statements. Lowell Green is con man and a hypocrite. Example: He fights for war monuments, which is right but when it comes to what they die for, freedom, justice and what is right, Lowell helps cover up police and others wrongs. The radio station has been given police and others false statements. If it were a battlefield of war, he would be shot for treason. I am a man, adult who can stand up to false statements and documents that lawyers make and know they are false but a child in a custody fight where lawyers prepare false statements from one parent knowing they are false, that is a crime against the child and lawyers are aloud to do it with no worry of being prosecuted. They the lawyers do not only abuse wrongfully convicted by covering up lies and making false statements, they abuse children too. Please donate and take a stand against lawyers, send cheque or money order to David Roberts Suite 491 372 Rideau St. Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1G7 Please pray too God bless













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