To the people reading about this Police Complaint (Public Complaint)

This page really shows you, how corrupt, the Ottawa Police are.  I have filed many complaints, and I have found that Police Complaints’ system is a total joke.  It’s the Ottawa Police investigating the Ottawa Police.  On January 7th, 1997, I filed a complaint, to show a friend, how corrupt the Ottawa Police are.  On February 15th,  1995,(see police statement) a police officer by the name of Paul Rochon, arrested me for breaking a condition, of not to be in the courthouse unless I had a scheduled court appearance.  He also arrested me, in the month of May 1995 for Breach of Recognizance (see police statement).  This breach of recognizance was from January 1995 charges.  In his February 15th report, Mr. Rochon, states that there is no proof I had court on February 15th.  The easiest way to prove that I had court, was to produce, the February 15th court transcript.  You see, I had court that day(click here to see February 15th transcript).  This is a piece of evidence, that the police or anyone else cannot say is not true.  It is the perfect proof that I has court that day, and that the charges were thrown out.  I had called Paul Rochon, and told him to check and he would see that I had court on February 15th.  He called me up on the phone, and threatened to have me arrested for harassing him.  As you see by the first page of the public complaint, I filed a complaint of inadequate service and in proper conduct (for not checking that I had Court on Feb 15th,1995).  I went to the police complaint commission with my friend, and told her to watch as the February 15th transcripts would go missing, because there was no way for the police to get around it, that they had covered up that I had court that day.  If you look at Paul Rochon statement.  First paragraph he talks about the February 15th charge, of not attending the courthouse unless for a  scheduled appearance.  His second paragraph, he states that he arrested me again for Breach of Recognizance.  Now the charges that were dropped on February 15th, released me of the condition of not to go near Andrejz Berzins(Crown Attorney), so twice Paul Rochon charged me with breaking conditions that I had from January 3rd charges, but were dropped on February 15th.  As you see by his third paragraph, he states that I was found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder on all charges.  As you see by the doctors report, the doctor found me not criminally responsible based solely on Paul Rochons police report., and Crown Attorneys’ Andrejz Berzins statement based on Paul Rochons report.  Can you imagine that, being found insane for saying the police and the crown attorney are lying, that I did not have court on February 15th 1995, and I had the transcripts right in my hand.  As you see by page 5 (Description and Analysis of Documentary and Physical Evidence obtained), that there is no February 15th court documents listed.  When I received this document, that shows the investigator Sgt. William Cicalo #611 left out the February 15th transcripts.  I called my friend again.  She was shocked, so she wrote a letter,(read her letter) stating that I told her that the February 15th documents would go missing, and we went back to the police complaint commission.  This time, we filed the documents, her letter, and the February 15th transcripts, and the rest of the documents again.  We got them stamped “received”, and each page signed by Kathy Cannon, who works for the police complaint commission.  As you see by the February 24th, 1997 pg 9 & pg10 , Public Compaint form, not only did Lises letter go missing,, stating that I told her that the February 15th transcripts would go missing, the February 15th transcripts went missing again.  If you look at Lises letter, the letter is stamped, “received” by the police complaint commission, February 14th, 1997.  Also look at the top of her letter, the date of her letter was March 3rd.  When we got these documents stamped and signed by Kathy Cannon, from the police complaint commission, she was giving me a hard time, and saying that I should be criminally charged with Criminal Harrassment.  Please note, I had to stop Lise from beating this woman.  If you look in Paul Rochonsstatement to the police complaint, he states, that I should be criminally charged with Criminal Harrassment.  Now stop and think about that statement, You have been found mentally insane at the time of the crime, for saying that you had court on February 15th, and that the police and the crown attorneys are withholding this information, you call up the cop, and tell, him to get off his lazy ass, and check at the courthouse, to verify that I had court that day.  Paul Rochon thinks that this is Criminal Harrassment, and I should be jailed, and so does Kathy Cannon of the police complaint commission.  When you stop and think about it , the crown attorneys, the police, and the doctors, were all saying, that I didn’t have court on February 15th, and I had the condition in May 1995, to stay away from Andrejz Berzins.  There is a old saying, when you point at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you.  Who is criminally harassing who!.  The police, crown and doctor, were withholding evidence that I had court on February 15th and that those charges were dropped, the police were beating me on many occasions, arresting me and putting me in jail, locking me up in medium security in a mental institution, being arrested by invading my home, with SWAT team, guns drawn, and printing deflammatory statements, knowing they are false,then giving them  to the media.  Tell me!  WHO is criminally harassing WHO?  As you see, by the final report pg. 18 & pg. 19, by a crooked cop, named Inspector Richard Brzozowski, he can find nothing wrong with Paul Rochons, conduct.  Not Richard Brzozowski, nor Paul Rochon, nor William Cicalo, or the fifteen other police officers, all came to the conclusion, that I did not have court on February 15th 1995.  Not one of them including the doctors at the Royal Ottawa Hospital, the lawyers that were picked to represent me by the crown office, stopped to call the courthouse , to see if I actually had court on February 15th, or not.  Please note, if the reader, was to call up Paul Rochon and the other police officers, to tell them to get off their lazy asses, and check to see if I had court on February 15th 1995, that you stand a chance, of being charged with criminal harassment, and thrown into a Mental Institution and found mentally insane, at the time of the crime, for thinking I had court on February 15th 1995.  But look at the bright side, Doctor Bradford from the Royal Ottawa, found me insane for thinking the police statements were false, and he put me on a disability pension for five years(60,000 dollars) .  If you think Paul Rochon police report is false, then you would be entitled to the pension too.  Also Dr.Bradford thinks, that you would not be capable of working if you believed this.  This is why we need a different type of police complaint system.  If you want to rattle Chief of Police Vince Bevan, e-mail, your opinion of this letter to him or your opinion of this website to him at (bevanv@ottawa
Dave Roberts
Wrongfully Convicted Association