To the people reading about the Criminal Board Hearing.

The names of the corrupt Medical Board members are Mr. T. Lipson, Dr. E.R Pohlman, Ms. B. Jerome, Mr. L. Feldman, Dr. A. Cote, Dr.A. Miller, Ms. E. Bramwell and Mr. W. Phillips.
The first board hearing, I am going to talk about is April 1996 Hearing.  As you read my father’s statement PG1 & PG2, he states that the Crown Attorney promised a Criminal Investigation into the police, crown attorney, and The Royal Ottawa Hospital. The medical review board members, Mr. T. Lipson, Dr, E.R. Pohlman, and Ms. B. Jerome, falsified their report, by leaving out the fact, that I was promised a criminal investigation, by Ron Laliberte,crown attorney. At this hearing, you will also see a lawyer Bruce Ingle, that represented me, .  Ross Stewart a lawyer that was picked by the crown’s office, that I was accusing them of fixing trials, and I could not fire him, was not at this hearing, because he refused to be there, because he knew he was caught fixing, and he quit..  In front of all these people, we discussed the police falsifying evidence, withholding evidence, and this evidence showed clearly, that my lawyer and Dr,Bradford were covering up for the crown and the police.  Now if you read the report, done by the board members, signed by Mr. T Lipson ,there is not one word mentioned, by the doctor.s statement in the report, or Mr. Lipson’s report, of police and crown falsifying and withholding evidence, also there was no mention of a promised criminal investigation. The Marshall Royal Commission that investigated the wrongful conviction of Donald Marshall, found that when the police conspire, other officials cover up(click here to see first news story).  This is what happened here.  All parties, except my father and myself, covered up, or falsified their reports.
My next board hearing, you will see that Bruce Ingle, used him again, even though I was accusing him of fixing trials.  This hearing was held  a year after on March 12, 13, and November14 1997.  No investigation was done by Mr. Laliberte, and as you read the medical review report, it shows this, that again there was no mention, by anyone, that police had falsified evidence or that I was promised a Criminal Investigation.  Please look at this letter from Bruce Engle, after the March 12th and 13th hearing, that he asked to be taken off the case.  The reason why, is because I told the board that the only reason that I had him as a lawyer, was because I couldn’t find anyone to supeona him into court. I wanted to ask him questions about the cover up, but the board refused to allow me to.   As you have read in the Medical Review Board report  1997 there is not a word mentioned, of anything that had to do with the cover-up. Twenty police officers, five doctors, ten medical board personnel, five crown attorneys, they all say there is nothing wrong up to this point.. Please read this statement from a witness pg1, pg2 & pg3 that was at this medical board hearing.  You will see that she says that we discussed police and crown attorneys false statements, and everyone was in agreement.  So, this means, all these people are lying and covering up, or myself, my father, and Tina, are lying. This hearing was November 14th 1997.  In Tina’s statement, she says Dr. Bradford, tells the board there is nothing wrong with Dave Roberts and is certainly not dangerous, and not to send him back to this hospital because we will not take him. I was charged after November 14th 1997, (read police statement) on what Dr. Bradford said about me being dangerous and that I should be assessed.  I was then court ordered to see The Royal Ottawa Hospital for assessment.  As you see by this document (click here), The Royal Ottawa Hospital refused to see me. The police were lying about, what the doctor had said.  Now read what these police officers are saying about me breaking the conditions, that the board, the crowns office, the doctors and everyone else, says I broke.(click here to see boards report using Dr. Bradford’s statement)(click here to see police statement).  Now please remember, the last time these charges were dealt with was November 1997. Now read statement 1999 from Andrejz Berzins, crown attorney, that I accused of fixing trials.(click here). Also if you look at this first document, from the board’s report, Ron Laliberte, the crown attorney, that had promised me a Criminal Investigation in 1996, was not the crown attorney in 1997.  The crown attorney from 1997, was a crown attorney, that worked for Andrejz Berzins.(click on Tina’s statement pg1, pg2 & pg3 statement) and you will see, that this crown attorney, wanted me to be put back into custody and drugged again. And he knew that Dr. Bradford had just stated that there was nothing wrong with me.  Please read this newspaper clipping about crown attorneys, bringing in dispositions, to uphold convictions, when they know the person was wrongfully convicted.(click here).  Now see police complaint statement from police I complained about Paul Rochon(click here).  As you see, Paul Rochon says, I was found insane for breaking these conditions.  Please note, the Police Complaint Commission, found nothing wrong with Paul Rochon’s investigation.  As you see, me, my father, and Tina’s statements are the ones that are consistant with the story.  Now one last thing, as you see by this document (click here - Pg 1 & Pg2), I threatened to sue the doctor, the Royal Ottawa Hospital, and on October 9th 1997, a month before, the last board hearing, it states that I gave a flyer to Dr.Ellis that worked at the Royal Ottawa Hospital (click here ).  The bottom part of this flyer, is an ad, I put in the newspaper.  Stop and think about it.  If  I was taking ads out in the newspaper before the hearing, wouldn’t I be talking about it at the hearing.  This is only more proof, that Tina, myself and my father are telling the truth that the board members knew that the police, my lawyer and the crown and the doctors were fixing the trial.  Please note, Tina was not the only person present at this hearing to witness this corruption, there were eight witnesses in all. This is a perfect example why we need a whistle blowing act, to protect public servants.  When all this was going on, they were reviewing the mentally insane act, they wanted to do away with Medical Review Boards, also they were thinking of closing the Royal Ottawa Hospital, or the Brockville Hospital. If the Medical Board members had  whistle blown, they could have lost their jobs.  The government was going to eliminate Medical Review Boards.  If the Royal Ottawa Hospital had whistle blown, they might have been taken off the list to do assessments for the courts.  Please note, the crooked politician that was handling all of this MPP Bob Runciman, was the person, making the decisions, for which hospital to close, and to do away with the Medical Review Board. Runciman’s office was given police and crown’s statements with proof that they were lying.  Please note, the newspaper ad was taken out in his home town of Brockville, and that the flyer distributed was distributed in his home town.  Please remember the Royal Commissions and it’s finding, when police conspire, other officials cover up.
To the people accused in this case:
246.    Everyone who, with intent to enable or assist himself or another person to commit an indictable offence,
(b)    administers or causes to be administered to any person, or attempts to administer to any person, or causes or attempts to cause any person to take a stupefying or overpowering drug, matter, or thing, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life.
Please sign over everything you own, all of you. Here is a bible verse for all of you to think about. If you meet your accuser on the way to court, try to settle the matter before it reaches the judge, lest he sentence you to jail; for if that happens you won’t be free again until the last penny is paid in full.
Dave Roberts Wrongfully convicted (show me the money)