Bruce Engal
   To people reading about Bruce Engal  To look at Bruce you would not believe what I am about to say about him. This guy is a man that looks like he could do no evil. Jesus said about lawyers “men go by you with no knowledge of the corruption they are passing” also they are “full of greed and wickedness” and are “hypocrites”. This man can look like a saint helping you but in reality be slitting your throat, I guess that is one of the reasons he is the president of the Ottawa criminal defense association. God could not have pick a better lawyer then him to prove that there has to be laws to jail lawyers that fix trails and to show the public, lawyers protect and cover up for lawyers and they are willing put innocent people away for life. Jesus said, “For you hide the truth from the people. You won’t accept it for yourselves, and you prevent others from having a chance to believe it.” I first meet this Bruce though another lawyer (Steve Greenberg) Greenberg that was selling me out in a case about seeing my child to protect a lawyer from a law firm (Barnes, Simmon and Nafal) Jirina Bulger. Greenberg had made a hearing and could not show up so Bruce showed up. Bruce witnessed me taking on Jirina Bulger and aquising her of criminal behavior. This is the first time I meet Bruce. The next time I seen him, I was locked up in the Royal Ottawa Hospital in 1996.I had been found insane at the time of the crime for breaking conditions, when the truth was that I did not have the conditions when I was charged. At this time the Ottawa crown, police had taken the bait and the doctors at the Royal Ottawa Hospital had been miss lead by the Ottawa crowns and had learnt of their mistake and was trying to cover it up by falsifying their reports. (See DRS.  and  POLICE section for their false statements) There was no turning back for police, Ottawa crowns, judges, lawyers and docs; I had them in their false statements and proof of covering up for each other. (At this point I had them cold, I was selling their false statements in the newspaper) The break down in the system had happen. I called Bruce Engal and he came to the hospital. I told him about Feb 15 charges being drop and the crown had cover up that the charges were dropped and that I was charged with breaking bail conditions twice. Once on Feb 15 and 3 months later in May of 1995 also that I had been found insane at the time of these times of breaking conditions. Bruce told me that they cannot withhold information and this what they were doing .I told him they did and I know they cannot. The second visit the first thing me said to me was that he would not go against the lawyers. That was one of our last times we talked but he remand my lawyer, I let him hang himself. Jesus called lawyers “fools”. By this time I had seen so many in the justice system jump on this sinking ship of justice fools that one more was ok. (I believe Jesus when he said that lawyers are fools, I said that in court once, did they ever get insulted. God, I laughed.) He thought he could cover this up like so many others before him. After this doctor (John Bradford) had ordered drug treatment to try to break me. Three months into drug treatment Doctor Bradford recommendation in his report to the medical board that I was a danger to society and to delusional to be let out in public and that I should be put in the mental hospital in Brockville or Penetanguishene. (See page 4 from his report) At this time Government of Ontario was talking about revamping the mental health act and closing hospitals. Doctor Bradford, he broke a law when he administered the drugs to cover up. The penalty for this was life in prison for all that had covered up from the beginning. At the hearing Bruce Engal again did not show up but I asked to speak with the crown, from out of town that had been brought in to make it look like a fair trail. Also my father and Doctor the crown agreed. I asked the crown,”What happens to conditions from charges are drop?  He said of coarse they are dropped too. The way crown from out of town (Mr. Ron Laliberte) said this, I knew that Doctor Bradford, Ottawa crowns office, regional crown Peter Griffiths, police and my lawyer (Bruce Engal) were withholding the fact that the charges had been drop and I had no conditions. Ron Laliberte was not aware the false statements by Bradford, Griffiths, Andre Berzins (Ottawa’s top crown), police and court security at the courthouse. Doctor Bradford did not know how Ron Laliberte would handle this information. He knew he would go to jail if Ron Laliberte didn’t help cover up. Doctor Bradford was terrified, he moved me to Minimal Security Unit (see page 4 Addendum16/4/96) and was able to get some privileges. At the bottom of the page Bradford states the treatment by antipsychotic medication with the substitute consent of his father has been a very positive treatment intervention for Mr. Roberts. Doctor Bradford made this statement to give support to this report that my father agree with him that I was delusional. The fact of matter is that my father nerves are not good, he was 65 yrs old, Doctor Bradford terrorize him by saying that if he did not sign the consent for drug treatment that I would be send to Penetanguishene and would be there for life. At the next board meeting at the beginning of it, I surprise Doctor Bradford by asking him a question in front of everybody. Was I wrongfully convicted? He said yes. I immediately turn and look at Crown Ron Laliberte , He jump out of his seat and started shouting” Dave, I promise a criminal investigation, I promise you a criminal investigation”. He was panicking and Bruce Engal was in shock that it came out. This all happened in 5 or 10 seconds. I immediately began to show the board the police, crown false statements the board was in agreement that they were false and they had withheld evidence showing my innocents and their guilt. When I walked out of this meeting, I had been found wrongfully convicted, promise a crimanial investagation by Crown Ron Laliberte, Bruce Engal promised to do the legal work to see my child and Bradford promise to do a letter of support to see my child. The board came back with their decision and there was not one word of wrongfully convicted or police and crown false statements. In fact they used a false statement of doctor Bradford to uphold the conviction. I still was order to see Dr. Bradford. One year later, I had other review board meeting, I used Bruce Engal again, the reason I used him was because I could not find a lawyer to handle this case and did not know how to subpoena Bruce Engal into the hearing. (The people that I had brought into the Medical Board Hearing to witness this corruption by police, crown and Dr.Bradford and the cover up of other people that got involved in the case they could not believe the corruption and cover up, that one of them wanted to beat the Head person of the medical board hearing, he was so upset at what he with witnessing. All eight of the people that came to witness, were of the opinion that Bruce Engal was in on the trial fixing and cover. They were of the opinion that the Dr. Bradford, police, crown and others were lying and fixing trials, read witness statement about this board meeting) At this hearing we were laughing in the face of the head of the board , he was telling us to stop laughing at him. The witnesses had lost all respect for him. To try to stop me, the head of the board said that Bruce Engal was going to be the one that spoke for me and that I was not to speak anymore. This was when I informed the board that the only reason that I used Bruce Engal again was because I could not find a lawyer to subpoena Bruce Engal to the review board hearing to ask him, how could he have over looked police, crown and Dr Bradford false statement and how could I be found insane for breaking conditions when I had no conditions when charged. Bruce Engal wrote a letter after this to me read it .See Bruce Engal`s letter about my comments to board about him. To show you how corrupt Bruce Engal is, the medical review boards findings used Dr. Bradford`s false statement to uphold conviction of breaking conditions. Bruce Engal got a copy of the review boards findings and again not one word about wrong conviction, police, crown and Dr. Bradford false statements. Bruce Engal and Dr. Bradford used access to see my daughter as ransom to cover up.    To Bruce Engal        Sign over everything you own and make a full confession or I will sue you for everything and have you put in jail for life. On the second day at the Royal Ottawa Hospital when you told me that you would not go against the other lawyers, do you think that I did not understand that meant you would sell me out? Bruce stop and think, Dr Bradford said at the last hearing” Dave is knows exactly what he is doing and he is coming after you and he is going to do it legally. Do you think that Dr. Bradford knows that you lawyers were setup? So Bruce think, who is the fool? Me for using you, knowing that you would sell me out or you for not thinking that you were being set up? Remember what Jesus said” Lawyers are fools”, I believe. I also believe that you lawyers are so wicked and full of hypocrisy that you will keep fighting to cover up.   So Bruce say hi to the Ottawa Criminal Defense Association.   P.S. To the people reading this, help deflate the ego of Ottawa lawyers please copy and send out to all the lawyers in your region of the country, also to your M.P. demanding criminal charges against the Bruce Engal and the others.     God Bless   - Dave Roberts