Police Officer  Anthony Constantini: 

To the people reading about Anthony Constantini.  He is an Italian Ottawa Police officer.  He runs around looking like he is Teflon Don, the mobster from New York.  He drives expensive cars and wears expensive clothes.  The truth is, He is not a man, but a boy.  A couple of years ago, I saw him on Elgin Street.  When he saw me, he looked terrified, and I laughed in his face.  He is a coward, like all Ottawa Police.  His report dated July 21st, 1999; I will review this with you.  Please note, the first paragraph, the charge against me” Did without lawful authority, watched the dwelling of Andrejz Berzins”.  Please note the first part of this charge, “Did without lawful authority.”  I had protested Andrejz Berzins in the past, for fixing trials, five years earlier, so I went to his house to see if he still lived there, because I was going to protest him in front of his house, to embarrass him, and his family, in front of his neighbors.  The police say, that I do not have the authority to protest a corrupt official, like Andrejz Berzins.  We live in Canada, we can protest politicians, police, businesses, hospitals, etc., but we cannot protest against Andrejz Berzins the corrupt official.  If you look at the top of the police report, it says Criminal Harassment, or commonly known as a stocking charge.  What the police are saying is that you are not allowed to find out, if a man works at a place, or lives at a place.  In the second paragraph, Constantini talks about our past history, harassing Berzins with defamatory material (saying Andrejz Berzins was fixing trials, doing it at the courthouse), note he says constantly being at the courthouse.  I was circulating flyers in the courthouse on a number of occasions.  Please note, that it took three times, to get charged.  Please note that I was setting Berzins and his corrupt buddies up.  He states that in February, that I was charged with a couple of offences (click here to see that police report feb 15).  As you see, it says that I was charged, with breaking a condition of not to attend the courthouse at 161 Elgin unless for a scheduled court appearance.  On page 1 of Constantini’s report, he is vague on the charges, a couple of offences in February 1995.  He says the charges were later dismissed in court, which is an untrue statement.  Then he talks about the next incident, that I was charged with in the spring of 1995, I was charged with Criminal Harassment of o Crown Attorney (click here and see this police report May1995).  As you see from this police report, that I was charged with breaking a condition of not to communicate or go near Andrejz Berzins. Go to page 2, Consantini’s report, he states “Throughout this whole ordeal Roberts had conditions not to attend the courthouse at 161 Elgin st and also not to communicate with Andrejz Berzins.  He abided by these conditions when they were in effect” How can he say this when I was charged with breaking these conditions?  He is trying to protect himself (click here for the Doctor's report in Medical Review Board report). (Police complaint report),  and there are many other reports, that say I broke these conditions, so how can he say this? Because he is trying to cover up the police and Andrejz Berzins and others lies. At the bottom paragraph of page 1 and top of page 2 in his report, he talks about the time I took over the Police services board.  There I distributed, documents, Andrejz Berzins, Doctor Bradford’s, and police officer Paul Rochon, with proof they lied.  They all said, that I broke these conditions that Constantini, said I had abided by.  Constantini states that he was the investigating officer in this case, and he would have received these documents. (Click here) see his police report about this incident. I had two court appearances where the judges and the crown attorneys and police were withholding information.  On the second day, the presiding judge, was stripped of his honor.  I had five contempt charges in the morning. I had put Officer Paul Rochon on the stand, and he was caught lying, but I did not have the proof with me in the morning.  We stopped for lunch, and I went and got the evidence.  This judge was very corrupt.  I asked the judge how many contempt’s I had, he snarled at me and said five. Then I said, the lets go for ten asshole.  Then I said, “Here is the proof that Officer Rochon lied this morning.  The judge said he did not want to look at it, and I told him he was a crooked judge, that he was fixing this trial.  He knew that he was in trouble, and he threw me out of the courtroom.  I had no lawyer.  He dismissed the charges, and when the Crown wanted time for the five contempt’s, he told the crown to be quiet and drop them too.  Please note, that I was not even called back in to be advised the charges were dropped.  The judge was a joke.  My friends told me later, that the charges had been dropped, a little different story than Mr. Constantini tells. In the last paragraph page 2, they say that Berzins arrived home, and found me across the street, from his house in my truck.  As you see it says that Brian Arden states that I had talked to him.  I asked him if he knew Andrejz Berzins and if he still lived there, and he said he did not know Berzins, or who lived there. See Arden’s statement.  If he would have told me, that Berzins still lived there, I would have left.  It also states that I made no attempt to conceal the fact that I was there that day, because I was there to see if he still lived there so I could protest him at a later date.  Arden stated that he was painting a residence next door.  As you see by Arden’s statement on the stand, that he was offered a job, from Berzins, to work on his house later.  Please note, that Arden before the job offer had refused to make a statement for Constantini and Berzins. (See court document where police say Mr.Arden will not be called, that there will be no statement from Mr. Arden.)  Mr. Constantini and Andrejz Berzins, know that you do not offer money, jobs, or financial rewards, to witnesses that have refused to testify.  Mr., Arden did make a statement later, which was false. Back to Constantini’s report, Page 3, Constantini states that Crown Murray Macdonald says Criminal Harassment would suit this incident, but says wait and see if Dave does it again.  Why they waited was for a couple of reasons, one reason, Mr.Arden, refused to make a statement, so it was only Berzins word that I was there that day, and the second reason, like in 1995 the reason they did not arrest me right away, is that they hoped I would stop, yet, I was allowed to protest Andrejz Berzins, as I had lawful authority.  I had no condition to stay away from Andrejz Berzins.  Constantini states that I went back to Berzins residence again this time with placards on his truck announcing that the crown attorney was perjurer and message along that line. Once again Constantini is vague.  These placards on my truck were police, Andrejz Berzins, and Doctor Bradfords, statements.  Each one of them, I had them blown up to poster size, also I had proof that they were all lying (court documents), blown up and placed on my truck.  I also had a large sign inviting Andrejz Berzins neighbors to come and read his lies.  A great way to embarrass him and his family, with the neighbors. On page 3, in the last paragraph Arden said the I would take Berzins down, if confronted by Berzins.  Please note, Crown Attorney Andrejz Berzins was charged with entering a home and assaulting a child.  Berzins admits to this charge (see court transcript ).  He was found not guilty, by a judge that he probably worked with, who said the child deserved it.  I knew that Berzins was violent man, but also a coward.  He if he would of attacked me on that day; I would have defended myself and knocked him out.  But Berzins did not have the courage.  On page 4, Constantini, states that he tried to talk to Doctor Bradford.  If you look at Constantini’s statement, that he mentioned, about the police services board charges, his report states that Dr. Bradford, says I am dangerous and should be assessed (click here).  As you see by the conditions on page 4, July 21st 1999, he wants me to attend counseling.  When bail for the Criminal Harassment charge, on a condition to get an assessment from Dr. Bradford and the Royal Ottawa Hospital.  As you see by the court document (click here), the Royal Ottawa Hospital and Dr, Bradford refused to do an assessment on me.  Please note that Dr. Bradford at the last medical board hearing, before the charges about the Police Services Board, had clearly said, there is nothing wrong with Mr.Roberts, he is not violent, he knows what he is doing, and he is coming after you legally.  Dr. Bradford further stated don’t bring Mr. Roberts back here as we will refuse to see him.  Please see witness statement about Dr.Bradfords statement.  After reading this, see this statement about what Constantini says in his report (Police Services Board charges) about what Dr. Bradford s statement that he says that I need to be assessed and I am dangerous.  It is just another lie by Constantini.  I could go on about Constantini all day, he has lied so many times, and other people have contacted me to say that he is indeed a liar.
To Constantini:
        So you thought it was funny, that I could not see my child, that I was getting beaten by the guards at the courthouse.  Do you still think it is funny?  You are going to be sued for everything you own.  Did your partner Mr. Davidson in this case, when he was asked to investigate you, when he was involved in the case and lying too, did you both have a good laugh?  Don’t worry about going to jail, I’m sure that you will get a good reception from the other people that you fixed trials against.  Promptly admit your wrongs, and make restitution and you might not have to go to jail.  The key word is PROMPTLY.  The truth shall set you free.

God Bless,

Dave Roberts