Andrejz Berzins was the top Crown Attorney in Ottawa.  He is a very corrupt crown attorney.  There must be many innocent people in jail because of this man.  I had a court case, that a crown attorney that worked for him, had withheld evidence, proving my innocence.  Also, I went to get charges laid against my ex-girlfriend for perjury and abduction of my child.  I also wanted charges laid against her lawyer, Jirina Bulger, for perjury statements for my ex-girlfriend, knowing there were false, and counseling, to abduct the child by telling my ex-girlfriend not to adhere to a court order.  She prepared a few avadavits, knowing they were false.  Berzins has always hidden some of these facts or has been very vague with this meeting we had.  So, I want to review his statement with you, from May of 1995.  (click here to see his statement PAGE 1,  23 ).  The first paragraph of his statement, he states about the first time we met.  He and I got into in his office, about his people, fixing trials, and him covering up for Jirina Bulger.  She works for Barnes, Sammon, & Naftel.  I went up against a corrupt judge, whom I call the Child Molester, Judge McDonald (molesting – meaning harassing), and also against Barnes, Sammon, and Naftel, fighting for illegal drugs around a child, also against Andrejz Berzins, I protested him saying the mobs man, if you need a trial fix, or evidence destroyed, call him.  Mob meaning, two or more people committing a crime.  Jirina Bulger and Judge McDonald, and the police, and people in his office committed these crimes.  I knew that Judge McDonald wouldn't go to court, or Jirina Bulger.  As you see on page one paragraph three, I was protesting at the courthouse.  I had a decided to set up the legal community.  A number of times I went to the courthouse to embarrass all of them and to get arrested.  The bible says “Lawyers like the front seats of synagogues (courts) and the respectful greetings in meeting places” This is sign of pride, and the old saying goes pride before destruction.  Berzins writes, he was concerned about the possible affects the it would have on jurors in a trial he was doing.  Berzins had no choice, but to stop it. He laid Criminal charges against me, and placed conditions on me not to be at the courthouse, unless scheduled to be at the courthouse, and not to bother Andrejz Berzins.  These charges were laid, by a corrupt crown, Peter Griffiths, he was the top crown attorney.  He answered to a corrupt official, by the name of Michael Coates, an assistant, to Bob Runciman MPP Justice Minister.  There was no higher prosecuting attorney than Peter Griffiths.  I knew that they would not go to court, and that these charges would be dropped.  Peter Griffiths, was abusing his powers, and criminally harassing me, by placing these charges on me.  They had no intention on prosecuting me.   As you see on page 1 paragraph 3, these conditions were placed on me.  On the last paragraph, page 1, and first paragraph page 2  as you read, he talks about February 15th.  I went to court a couple of times before February 15th, I would lay into them, and I would embarrass them, again in the courts, by accusing them of withholding evidence, and fixing the trial.  I would say it loud enough, that the hundred or so people in the courtroom would hear it.  Some of the people were shocked, and laughing at the crown and the police.  On February 15th, I had court (click here, please read transcript). As you see in the transcript, I wanted criminal charges laid against the crown attorney’s office (Peter Griffiths and Andrejz Berzins.  Andrejz states, first sentence :I am aware of the police files that on February 15th an incident took place.  If you look at the police report, by Roy Burton Page 1 & 2 .  Roy Burton contacted Andrejz Berzins.  Roy Burton had 15 minutes to arrest me for breach of my conditions, which he said I had, but he chose to contact Andrejz Berzins.  The reason why, if you look at the February 15th transcript, you will see at the end do it, I was telling people off, that was court security.  Before the called my name, I had to go to the washroom, and when I did, on the way to the washroom, I ran into Roy Burton, and he had placed me under surveillance by his men, court security. Roy Burton knew I had court that day, and knew I beat the charges.  That’s why he didn’t order me arrested, by his men, the court security.  He knew that I did not have any conditions anymore.  In Roy Burton’s statement, he states he talked to Andrejz Berzins.  Berzins wants to hide that fact, because Burton must have told him, my charges were dropped.  If you look at Andrejz Berzins statement, from April 10th, 2000 Page 1 & 2 , he states that he knew before February 15th, the charges were going to be dropped, because Peter Griffiths, his boss, had told him.  When you read Roy Burtons statement, Roy states that Andrejz Berzins, wanted me to be given a trespassing charge.  Berzins, and Roy Burton, had to have talked about, the breach of conditions, which they could not charge me for.  Berzins and Burton must have had a conversation that, the charges were dropped, and that I no longer had any conditions.  That is why Berzins told him to give me a trespassing charge but they could not charge me with trespassing because it is a public building, open to the public. They would have to given me a trespassing notice first then if I went to the courthouse I would be charged with trespassing charge (but they could not charge me with Trespassing as it was a PUBLIC BUILDING, open to public.  They would have had to give me a trespassing NOTICE first, then if I went to the court house I would be charged with Trespassing..  If you see in Rochon’s report, Rochon charged me with breaking the conditions.  So, when Berzins, in his statement says “ I am aware from the police files dated February 15th, he knows that the police files, are false, and that Roy Burton is lying and withholding evidence, when he says, there is no proof that Dave had court that day. He would also know from the police files, the investigating officer, SGT. Paul Rochon, was lying, that I did not have a court appearance that day February 15th.  In the 3rd paragraph, page 2.  I am aware from the charges; from section 300 from the criminal code were subsequently withdrawn, be the crown, on advice of the regional director of            crown attorneys. (Peter Griffiths- his boss).  Andrejz was saying that after February 15th, the charges were dropped.  He is saying the new charges on February 15th, and the February 3rd charges, were ongoing together, and he knew that, and so did Peter Griffiths.  The next few paragraphs, he talks about me protesting him.  As you see, they knew it was me right away, but they did not arrest me.  The reason being, I was allowed to protest Berzins, and his friends, for withholding information, for fixing trials, the were acting like the mob, breaking the law. I was not arrested until the 10th of May, As you see by the report (the May 10th report Page 1 & 2 ) I was arrested for breaking conditions, from charges, mentioned by Andrejz  on the first page, 3rd paragraph, of his statement, which were dropped on February 15th, that is why they waited, because they obviously knew that I did not have these conditions.  The investigating officer was Paul Rochon.  This time, because they said I had a condition, to stay away from Andrejz Berzins, they charged me with stalking him.  This criminal harassment charge, states, without lawful authority, did bother Andrejz Berzins.  They lied about the conditions, to show that I broke the first part of it without lawful authority (but as you see, it was Andrejz Berzins and his friends (the mob, that were criminally harassing me).  In Andrejz Berzins statement, it was made after I was arrested on May 10th.  He states in Page 2, 2nd paragraph, I am aware of the charges pursuant to section 300 of the criminal code, were subsequently withdrawn by the crown on the advice of the Regional Director of Crown Attorneys.  Berzins and his friends want people to believe, that the charges, were withdrawn, after May 10th. that way I would still have this condition.  But, as you can see, by his statement, in April 2000, he knew the charges were dropped, February 15th, on the advice, of the regional Director of crown Attorneys (Peter Griffiths).  Peter Griffiths did the bail hearing for the May 10th charges.  As you see, by transcript, on May 12 1995, Peter Griffiths states, that the condition of not having contact with Berzins, was withdrawn, and that I was released from the January 3rd incident.  That means Griffiths knew, that I was wrongfully arrested again, February 15th and May 10th.  Griffiths, had to have read Andrejz Berzins statement, and would have known that Andrejz Berzins had lied. and Andrejz Berzins would have known , that Peter Griffiths knew that his statement was false, because Griffiths had told Berzins that the charges were going to be withdrawn, on February 15th.  Berzins , April 2000, statement, states that Griffiths told him before February 15th, that the charges were going to be dropped.  Also, the FULL February 16th transcripts 1995, if you look at the transcript, all through the transcript, there is talk about the charges being dropped, and that I didn’t have conditions, plus that the police had made a mistake.  It also shows that the Crown Attorney (that worked for Andrejz Berzins), made two attempts to see Berzins.  The second time the crown attorney said that he talked to him.  The crown must have told Berzins that the police statements were false and that I was wrongfully arrested. And that the charges were withdrawn on February 15th the day before.  Also if you read the February 16th transcripts, the crown states that he went to get advice and got advice on how to handle my case.  If you look at Andrejz Berzins  statements in court 2000, April, Andrejz states, that he never worked on my case, or instructed, the crown attorney, because it was a persecurdial guidelines.  Andrejz Berzins lied again on the stand.  All through the years, people that worked for Andrejz Berzins, and that Andrejz instructed, how to handle my cases.  Those guidelines are there to protect my rights to a fair trial.  As in the police report, February 15th, they instructed Officer Roy Burton, to give me a trespassing charge.  Berzins also knew, that I had accused Peter Griffiths, of withholding information and fixing trials.  And that this was again breaking prosecutial guidelines, which were there to protect my constitutional rights to a fair trial. Berzins and his friends lied and conned throughout all the court cases.  If you look on page 96, of 2000 transcript, Andrejz Berzins disagrees with me that the evidence disappeared, then agrees with me in the same breath, or the next breath.  Then lies again that it was a genuine mistake, but police, when I have clearly shown, earlier in this assessment of Andrejz statement, that he and the police knew, that I had court February 15th and they were covering up.  In a totally other case, a judge by the name of Judge Cosgrove, that crown attorneys and police, were prepared to lie, change their statements, and withhold evidence whenever they felt like it.  This is what Andrejz Berzins and his friends did.  This is widespread in the justice system.  As a Royal Commission into the Marshall case, found, that when police conspire other officials loathe to admit the system has broken down.  What they do is falsify their reports to uphold their convictions.   I could go on for hours about Andrejz Berzins and his lies.  Andrejz Berzins and his lawyer friends are a shining example, of why you need laws to protect people from lawyers that make false statements.  There is a biblical verse about lawyers, when people walk by lawyers, they do not know how much corruption they have passed.  I hope this shows you how corrupt Andrejz Berzins is.

                              To Andrejz Berzins:

Jesus says lawyers are fools, and that he promised to deliver me from you hippo crates and honor me.  You and your friends are only showing how big of fools you are.  You and your friends are so smart; that you think you can beat God. Think about that Andrejz.  You and your friends say that I am delusional, a danger to society, and that I criminally harassed you, but the truth is, you and your friends are delusional for thinking you can beat God, dangerous to society, because you guys abuse your power. That makes you far more dangerous than I could ever be, and who criminally harassed whom?  Promptly admit your wrongs, and sign everything you own over to me, and maybe that will get you out of serving jail time.  But, the key word is promptly.  There is a story in the bible about a man’s wife and children, being his vessels, and that the man is the protector of them.  How are you going to protect your wife and children from this when it gets out? Now, Andrejz, read the story about your wife’s hypocrisy.

Dave Roberts
Wrongfully Convicted Association